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Corporate videos

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Its said words leave impact, pictures leave a mark while videos become memories. According to a research by Surveymonkey in 2015 it was showcased that 96% of B2B organizations are now using videos and 72% organizations accepted that videos have affected their marketing positively in the recent years. Now standing in 2020 where smartphones are sold more than books, we are definitely in an era where videos are playing a big role in the branding and promotion of any brand.

No, we are not talking about the traditional video advertising you keep seeing every now and then. We are talking about the Corporate videos.

Wondering how these two differ from each other let us jolt it down for you. A corporate video is usually constructed for a certain audience instead of the general public while the traditional advertisement videos are for everyone without distinguishing anything.

Primarily Corporate video production was done by companies for training purposes but with the changing times as video content stand a higher chance of engagement rather than the text content or an image for that matter.

Video content is no more restricted only to multi-millionaire companies instead every organization is trying to incorporate video content in one form or another.

Corporate videos are of different types and each of them serves a different purpose and the corporate filmmakers know exactly how to tap the right nerves with each type of corporate videos.

The various types of corporate videos are as following,

· Company profile

· Promotional

· Industrial

· Internal Communication

· Recruiting

· Training

· Testimonial

· Corporate Events

· Corporate Documentary

· CSR Video

Company Profile Videos

Company profile videos are the videos giving out short brief about the company. Usually short, the audience for this type of video are the stakeholders and investors who need to know more about the company. Its more like an introduction video where one talks about the services and qualities of their organization.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are the flag bearer of nontraditional advertisement. These types of videos are used to increase the brand awareness amongst the potential clients/buyers of the brand. Indirectly highlighting the products and services this is becoming one of the favorites for every organization out there who want a break from the conventional commercials.


Typically made for viewers of a certain sector of industry it aims to new learnings for professionals or people who are interested to learn about a product, technology or a machine in detail. It showcases how a particular industry works. For example it can be a video about how a laptop is manufactured and assembled in a certain company.

Internal communications

Usually aimed to be used on the company’s intranet, the internal communication videos are used to explain about a new company policy, new reforms or to reflect a milestone and sometimes even to inform about the new endeavors and launches. This type of videos are not accessible to people not related to the said organization as it may contain specific details regarding the working of a company.

Recruitment videos

Recruitment videos are solely for the purpose of hiring new recruits and to reflect the company culture to attract like-minded individuals and to filter people who will not be comfortable working in the said environment as every individual is different. You’ll find these types of videos on company’s website or even on the online recruitment websites. Though it’s for internal purposes it’s open to all.

Training Videos

Training videos are fundamentally used for staff training, to get new employees acquainted to the company’s products and services. But you’ll be surprised to know that we all have seen training videos here and there without noticing, like the seatbelt usage demonstration on a flight or washing machine installation video on the company website. Even though these videos are for internal training now companies are using them at more wider horizons to increase more engagement.

Testimonials Videos

In the world full of influencers and product reviewers’ testimonial videos are the most common type of corporate videos we all have seen. In a testimonial video somebody who has used the product/services from a particular brand gives an honest review about it in order to attract new consumers. Testimonials are considered to be more effective and trustworthy than an old age advertisement video.

Corporate event videos

Conferences, seminars and celebrations are the most subtle way to highlight a company’s success. And documenting these events in order to show the people who couldn’t attend can be used to attract new clients as well as for internal communications.

Corporate documentary Videos

Corporate documentary videos are again a subtle advertisement without using the glittery commercials. These videos include real people working in an organization and their experiences and the journey of creating a product from scratch. Originally used by high end brands to show the story behind a particular product, from the fishing of materials to how they are crafted and molding of the final product these videos generate an attachment towards the product shown in the video increasing the brand awareness amongst the consumers. They can also be company history videos or the preparations before a new launch. Tis type of videos are great for consumer engagement.

CSR Videos

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a mandate for each and every company and with the changing times companies are understanding that the consumers are more aware and conscious now, they are ready to spend more on the products that aren’t harming the environment or on brands which are giving it back to the nature or society in one way or other. So, in order to attract the consumers, the companies started to talk about their initiatives and CSR activities. And what’s better than a video to generate awareness amongst the consumers.

Corporate videos can help you grow your business and create brand awareness and to do so you can reach out to any Corporate filmmaker or corporate video production agency. If your city doesn’t have such options you can reach out to corporate film makers in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. Or call us now.

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